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The “M” in EMC – Roger Marino April 10, 2014

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Roger_MarinoOpportunity has many disguises, and to Roger Marino it came dressed as a furniture!

Identifying opportunities early-on, taking risks, and accepting both success and failure, Roger Marino got his recipe for success right. A second-generation immigrant from Italy, he recognized the value of hard work very early on from his father, whom he considers his inspiration.

EMC came into existence in 1979 when Roger Marino and his classmate realized the need for an external memory storage when companies were moving from mainframe computers to minicomputers. Their “first” product, a 64kb memory board, was released in 1981. Some claim their first product was actually a computer table; When Roger Marino & his partner were approached by a friend to help sell furniture on the East coast, they took it up as an opportunity to  make some money and get the initial funding to start EMC.

During Marino’s 13-year tenure in the company, EMC was able to ride the growth wave. Even though, they were up against a goliath like IBM, Marino believed in the power of innovation. Under his leadership, the company went public in just 6 years. They continued to march down the path of success and eventually beat the “Goliath”.

When he retired in 1992, he had earned the luxury to spend his time on his interests: sports and arts. He became an angel investor and invested in businesses that he believed in and was passionate about. He even bought a minor league hockey team before upgrading to Pittsburgh Penguins.

He also produced a movie, but his inexperience came in the way. Undeterred, he teamed up with a director and founded his second successful start-up, Revere Pictures. Under the banner, he produced five movies as well as a Broadway musical, which did very well.

The Magnificent from E”M”C is an active investor, philanthropist, successful entrepreneur, and a keynote speaker at TICON East 2014 – ” Breaking Boundaries,” the largest startup conference on the East Coast happening on May 29-30, 2014. Join us Friday morning to hear him speak during the “Made in Mass” Keynote series celebrating companies that have made our Commonwealth a great place to do business!



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